​Conversation Essay Prompt

Conversation Essay Prompt

The essay will present your tentative position in the conversation you are joining. You will write an essay in which you put two texts into “conversation” with each other and with the “exhibit” You will focus your discussion by organizing your essay around one or two questions that you will use to interrogate each of your texts.

This is an argumentative paper—you are arguing for a particular way of understanding your group of texts. You should assume you are writing to an academic audience who may or may not have read your sources. Try to think of the texts you have selected as a conversation that you are actively entering into. Your voice will dominate the discussion, however, you do not need to use the “I” if you don’t feel it’s necessary.

You must use the Mulvey text (I upload with files) “Visual Pleasure” as one of your texts. The choice of other text can be any one of the following:

  1. Being a Man (I upload with files)

Choices of Exhibit/Case:

  1. Ten Hours of Walking in NY as a Woman

Specs: 5 pages

12 point type

Double spaced