​Literature Review

Literature Review

Conduct a literature review for the scholarly literature pertaining to the conflict between therapeutic and forensic roles. As a starting point, download and read the full text of the six articles specified below by accessing them from the hyperlinks below or through the Academic Resources (Library) link in the top navigation Help menu. You can find these articles in either the EBSCO or ProQuest databases. These six articles debate the conflict between therapeutic and forensic roles. Reviewing these articles will help you gain knowledge necessary for completing the course paper.

The six articles are:

Revisiting the ‘Irreconcilable Conflict between Therapeutic and Forensic Roles’: Implications for Sex Offender Specialists

The Treating Expert: A Hybrid Role with Firm Boundaries

Irreconcilable Conflict between Therapeutic and Forensic Roles

When Worlds Collide: Therapeutic and Forensic Roles

Compatibility of Therapeutic and Forensic Roles

On Wearing Two Hats: Role Conflict in Serving as Both Psychotherapist and Expert Witness

Submission Details:

By the due date assigned, notify your instructor if you have not been able to download the full text of all the six articles. This assignment is not graded, but you will need to obtain the articles, conduct a literature search, and read the full texts of all the articles in order to successfully complete the LASA due in M5 Assignment 2 LASA.