​Topic Choice Report

Here is my assignment to please read the instruction carefully. You will make your work as this example. Please see attached. Please write your own words. plagiarism is not acceptable at all. So, make a good writing to keep working with you. I have chosen this topic(“Teaching English as a Second Language in Saudi Arabia using Game Apps in Education)

The minimum two pages for this work.

Thank you

Topic Choice Report

For this assignment, you will make a statement on your choice of research. This statement will consist of a minimum of one paragraph to introduce the research topic, a minimum of one paragraph of explaining why the topic needs researched, and a minimum of one paragraph why you chose this topic. The final document can be in the form of a Google document (———————–) and submit early if feedback is desired. Name your document “5505 YourName Topic Choice Report.” Other assignments may run concurrently with this one. This report should follow APA style formatting and include any references that were used at the end.


25 Total Points

5 pts – Introduction

Introduce your research topic that you have chosen, including what the topic is, its definition, etc.

10 pts – Reasons topic needs studying

Explain why your topic needs studying. Include at least two reasons.

10pts – Reasons why you are studying topic

Explain why you want to study this topic, including any personal reasons or experiences.

Here is an example of an Topic Choice Report which earned a perfect score of 25. You may not use the information gathered from this example; if one of the sources from this example is used in your assignment, you may not use the section or information the example uses unless it is worded so differently from the example that the example would not need to be cited. In other words, you would need to seek out the source independently and utilize the source on your own.