​Writing Journal 10

[Attached is the essay that I’ve already made.]


The Assignment


Writing Journal 10

At this point, you should be thinking about a thesis statement for your argument essay, and certainly by the end of this week, you should have a good idea of what that is. The discussion board was designed to help you to vet your thesis to make sure you are on the right track and to help you get started looking for sources.


For this week’s Writing Journal, I’d like you to consider the importance of finding common ground. Why, in constructing an argument, would it be a good idea for you to find common ground with those who may disagree with you? Why is it an important skill in general?


Consider your argument essay’s organization. You’ll want to organize your essay in a way that maximizes your argument. Do you think your readers are likely to be hostile to your point of view? Perhaps you want to open the essay acknowledging common ground and being by raising their objections and counter-arguing. Your essay organization could look like this:

1. Introduction: introduce the issues and raise common concerns and values

a. Raise a point of view that opponents to your thesis may have and counter-argue (that is, show where their point of view is weak or where it does not serve the shared/goals and values you just wrote about)

b. Introduce your thesis statement

2. Body paragraphs that give reasons and support for your thesis

3. Raise and counter any remaining objections

4. Conclude by emphasizing how your point of view (thesis) best serves the shared goals and values

But if you think that your readers are likely to look favorably on your thesis, you might want to organize the paper differently:

1. Introduction that emphasizes how important the issue is, followed by your thesis statement

2. Body paragraphs providing reasons and support and raise and counter any objections

3. Conclusion emphasizing the merits of your thesis.

For the second part of this Writing Journal, please tell me how you think you will organize your essay and why.




[Attached is the essay that I’ve already made.]

Thank You.