1). 100 Word discussion about mention topic. (2) One Argument Essay 600 to 650 Word, topic is mentioned below

1). Discussion topic:-

“The Trouble with Diversity” by Walter Benn Michaels and

“Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted” by Malcomlm Gladwell.

Prompt: Based off what you have read as well as what you see going on globally, what is needed to have a successful voice in changing political views/laws/agendas?

2). ESSAY:-

Only pick one of the following topics:

TOPIC #1: Should there be standardized testing for students in grades 3rd-8th in public schools?

TOPIC #2: Recently the news has been filled with cases of women calling out men for sexual

abuse/misconduct. Is society’s “open” view towards sexuality more to blame for this than people are

willing to admit?

Topic #3: A growing number of African-Americans are describing the American Welfare System as the

modern day equivalent to plantation slavery. Is this an accurate comparison?

Topic #4: Do modern TV shows do an accurate job of realistically portraying American families?