1 Paragraph Response to Classmate’s Discussion Post (I/O Psych)

Respond to at least one colleague and suggest which potential resolution you think he/she should select and why. 1-2 Paragraphs.

Classmate’s Discussion Post:


For centuries a solid foundation has spelled success when building a healthy society. As a cornerstone of American premise the prospect for individuals to chart a significant path of accomplishments is offered as a given to all with citizenship. At times this seems an unlikely outlook due to divergence in preliminary privilege which some individuals are valued enough to partake.

The unfortunate remainder of the population experiences significantly increased adversity to gain the chance at flourishing. The only way to remove this problem and unwritten bias from society is to begin with a baseline for fair competition. This is why the elevated cost of higher learning education should be eliminated and college education should be offered to America citizens at no cost.

Potential Resolutions

Step 1 – Identify the goal in developing a resolution.

  • Phased implementation of a government mandated program to give perspective students a long term and sustainable strategy to fulfill the tuition requirements demanded by colligate institutions.

Step 2 – List the possible solutions.

  1. American citizens will be granted a social security controlled/assigned educational bank account preloaded with a predetermine amount of $50,000 to cover at least undergraduate and graduate levels of study.
  2. The institutions which accept applicants who are verified as American citizens will submit a quarterly invoice to the Federal Government and be reimbursed for each credit hour of education administered during that period.

Step 3 – Advantages and disadvantages

  • An advantage to Option 1 is that all citizens can preemptively choose the place and manner in which their assigned $50,000 will be utilized. This allows for forward thinking beginning as early as middle or high school ages with the intention of possibly stretching the amount to cover doctorate level studies as well.
  • A disadvantage of this option is that funding must always be available to utilize as there is no accompanying tracking system to forecast an annual budget. Additionally, because this option is tied to a social security number it is susceptible to fraudulent activity and exploitation by illegal immigrants and identity thieves.
  • Option 2 is advantageous because the government is only billed for services rendered which negates the need to dedicate a set amount to be stored as an educational surplus. By doing this a semi-stable budget can be theorized and developed in order to facilitate future planning.
  • Conversely, this is option is a disadvantage because institutions can begin to operate as corporations, abolish admission rules and other regulations which may have previously been state imposed, and begin aggressively recruiting in order to generate a revenue stream which is federally backed and guaranteed. This does not solve the problem and likens the education market place to that of a cold war arms race.”