2-3 page reading assignment

Reading Assignment NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE 2-3 pages double spaced with a reference page. Please list the following textbook as a reference. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Clarke, Edward J. (ed.). 2008. Deviant Behavior: A Text-Reader in the Sociology of Deviance. Seventh Edition. New York: Worth Publishers. Answer two questions ONLY 1. List and discuss, with examples, the four elements of the social bond according to Hirschi. How is the socialization process important for the strength of weakness of the social bond? 2. Distinguish between master and subordinate statuses. How might a deviant label contribute to a criminal career according to Becker. 3. Define “dramatization of evil.” Pay particular attention to the process of “tagging, defining…making conscious and unconscious.” How might the dramatization of evil lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy for the juvenile delinquent