2 Case Study Papers 1 page each

Case #1

Freda is a second year college student and part-time model. She is studying biochemistry, and has a high GPA. She has been modeling for four years and has recently been approached by a modeling firm in London. They would like to offer her a great deal of money to work for them, but she would have to put her college plans on hold.

Freda’s mother thinks she should go to London and experience the world for a while. “Biochemistry will still be here when you get back,” she says. In reality, her mother hopes that the proceeds from modeling job will help get their family home out of foreclosure. Freda is aware of this and wants to help her mother.

Freda’s situation is complicated by her bulimia. She knows that if she takes the modeling career, she will be faced with criticism of her size and attractiveness. She is naturally shy, and as a high profile model, she will have little privacy.

Analyze the different psychological factors related to motivation at work in this case.

Write an analysis of the motivational and emotional factors that are involved in the case. In particular, consider:

  • What factors are motivating Freda to accept the job in London?
  • How might these motivational and emotional factors affect Freda’s decision? Please be sure to not neglect discussing Freda’s bulimia
  • What incentives and drawbacks do each of Freda’s choices come with?


Case #2

Paul is a 55-year-old computer technician. Paul says that his favorite thing about his job is that “I don’t fix computers; I fix people.” He is very popular at work and is often specifically requested. He expresses a profound humility and tends to make other people feel as if their ordinary experiences were extraordinary.

Paul has four children and two grandchildren. He likes to read poetry on his porch or play pickup football games with his sons and neighbors. Paul claims that he likes to travel, but his wife complains that he “never can get his act together” so they don’t travel much. However, in his home, brochures are affixed to the refrigerator with magnets.

Paul admits to taking stabs at novel-writing, painting, and sculpture, and he has a guitar he has never learned to play. About these incomplete goals, though, he says that he is only 55 and has plenty of time left. He considers himself an introvert and feels like he needs a great deal of private time to recharge after a busy day at work.

Evaluate Paul from each of the following perspectives: trait (focus on the Big Five), learning-theory, humanist, and sociocultural.

Write an analysis of Paul from each of the following perspectives: trait (focus on the Big Five), learning-theory, humanist, and sociocultural. In your analysis, consider the following questions:

  • How is Paul different at home from at work? Which perspective is this consistent with?
  • How is Paul’s age relevant?
  • Paul doesn’t seem to finish things. What does that tell you about him?

Please cite sources in APA format for both if necessary