2 Page Research Paper – History (Redo)

Please write a 2 page research paper (700-800 words) on the following question. The main focus of the question is the United States of America.This research paper must have at least 3 citations, with at least 1 from a peer reviewed source (not Wikipedia, the encyclopedia or other online tourism or history.com sites).

Q. Has your country(USA) ever gone to war with or invaded (or been invaded by) another country? Explain the history of the conflicts. (This can include involvement in WWI and WWII.)

Notes for answering the question:

1- The descriptions about the history of conflicts should be clear and not vague.
2- Very Few Grammar mistakes
3- The larger concepts or main ideas should be described clearly and in detail but not too much in detail
4- Include an introduction and conclusion
5- This is for a cross cultural class therefore more focus on the culture between the two countries and how it is related to it etc