Conduct an Internet search of whistleblowing cases in the healthcare field

1. Conduct an Internet search of whistleblowing cases in the healthcare field. Choose one of these cases and summarize the particulars of the case. Do you feel that the person who blew the whistle was justified in doing so? Why, or why not? Also, do you agree with the outcome of the case? Why, or why not?

Your response should be at least 200 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Any references or citations used should be in APA style.

Climate Change and the National Park Service

Start by watching the video Cultural Resources Climate Change Strategy and reading the page at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

The answer the following :

1. There are 4 goals mentioned. What are they?

2. Choose one hyperlink from EACH goal and summarize what you find. Make sure to type in the title of the hyperlink you choose for each goal.

Got questions: Check out this video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Philau The National Response Framework (NRF) Discussion Post

This assignment is for the Discussion Board.

Check the two posts and write a respond separately to their threads “meaning two posts”, the response must be substantive and contain new ideas or expand a point or disagree with statement etc, response must be supported with example or evidence. Professor will assign points based on quality of response. Exemplary responses demonstrate insight, contain additional references “APA”, show extraordinary effort, promote dialoguing, etc. ( you can write 1 – 3 paragraphs for each response as long as you addressed your point clearly )

Ethical Delimnma Assignment

Ethical Dilemma Assignment

The Assignment:

read material.

Be sure to utilize the “Steps” found in this module to make your team decision. Give a brief synopsis of the dilemma first and then post the steps your team took to resolve it.

Include as least one Moral Principle that was involved in your dilemma.

The word count for this assignment should be between 300-500 words.

College-level writing is expected and proofread before submitting.

Download the Word template provided to complete the team assignment.

List the “Steps” within the assignment for clarity.


“The Case of the Friend in Need”

One day, your friend and colleague Christine pulls you aside around 10 a.m. She tells you that she has a problem – she was just told she must undergo mandatory random drug testing today. She admits to you that she smoked a small amount of marijuana the previous night, and is quite concerned. Christine is an excellent health professional, and you do not believe she has a drug problem. To your knowledge, she has never been impaired at work, never missed a day of work and is well liked and respected by others. She is a team player! Still, workplace policy stipulates that anyone who refuses or fails a drug test will be suspended. Christine would like for you to provide a urine sample for her.

Then this assignment:

Individual Discussion Assignment

After completing the team assignment and posting the Team Ethical Decision Report in the drop box, complete the discussion below.

1. Give a brief synopsis of the dilemma your team selected.

2. Describe the steps your team took to resolve the dilemma.

3. Be sure to identify at least four Moral Principles that were involved in your dilemma.

4. Use the course discussion template.

5. Include APA reference and citations

The word count for this assignment should be between 300-500 words.

College-level writing is expected and proofread before submitting.

chemistry part two please get right

Graded Assignment

Unit Test, Part 2

Answer the questions below. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.

(5 points)


1.  An atom of silicon has a mass number of 28 and an atomic number of 14. How many protons and how many neutrons are in this atom? Show your calculation.


(5 points)


2.  Electron A falls from energy level X to energy level Y and releases blue light. Electron B falls from energy level Y to energy level Z and releases red light. Which transition, from X to Y or from Y to Z, has a greater energy difference? Explain your answer and how you arrived at it. Use a diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum.


BME 306 Use of Animal Subjects in Behavioral Biomedical Testing Paper

Pick either Topic I or Topic II or Topic III to write a 2 page summary (double-spaced) of the issue, answering the questions if some were given for that topic.

Ethics HW. You may write in the first person – saying “I think such & such” – in this assignment, since it asks about your personal viewpoints.


all the topic will be uploaded with the powerpoint lecture

Principles of Agrarianism – No plagiarism or late work

Must reply in 750 or more.

What, in your opinion, are the fundamental guiding principles of agrarianism as articulated by Wendell Berry? Note that there is more than one good answer to this question. So give us your own interpretation, not a restatement of what your classmates say or your guess at what your instructor thinks is “the right answer.” Defend your interpretation with reference to the assigned Berry reading. In what ways is agrarianism a conservative alternative to the progressive vision of the green movement? Why might traditional religious believers be more attracted to agrarianism than to deep ecology?

Review your classmates’ posts. As you answer this question, be sure to provide evidence from the article that supports your claims. You might also spend some time describing the difference between conservative and progressive environmental positions and how the fundamental guiding principles of those groups align with the actions that they take in the world

University of Phoenix Global Health Issue in the United States Presentation

  1. Imagine you are a nurse working with Doctors Without Borders to address an emerging global health issue in a specific region of the world. You are preparing to travel to the region to improve an issue or illness.

    Create a 7- to 10-slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes, analyzing emerging global health issues related to the country or region of the world of your choice. In your presentation:

    • Analyze the cause of the issue or illness. Consider:
    • Individual issues (e.g., personal cleanliness )
    • Community (e.g., resources, demographics)
    • Family roles and structures (e.g., single-family households)
    • Culture (e.g., values, beliefs)
    • Environmental issues (e.g., access to technology and health care, geographic concerns)
    • Examine the factors that continue to exacerbate the issue or illness. Consider:
    • Individual
    • Community
    • Culture
    • Environmental
    • Create an action plan to improve the issue or illness. Consider:
    • Education
    • Communication
    • Relief workers
    • Technology

    Cite at least five peer-reviewed references in your presentation, and include a separate APA-formatted reference page.

Financial Information Use-Applied Managerial Healthcare

6 slides with speaker notes 

As the Director of Accounting, you have been tasked with briefing during the new employee’s orientation on the principles of accounting and how these apply to your hospital. In addressing the principles of accounting, you are concerned with both sets of accounting information–financial and managerial. Managerial accounting has no formally adopted set of principles it relies strongly on financial accounting principles. Understanding the principles and basics of financial accounting is critical to understanding both financial and managerial accounting information. 

  • Identify and explain the 5 principles of accounting and how they apply to the financial statements specific to your healthcare institution.
  • Address the regulations around safeguarding your financial information to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • I will check for plagiarism