​Providing Health Services in a Rural Community: A Report on Project Feasibility

Providing healthcare services to residents in rural areas has presented increased challenges that include access and cost. For your Capstone Project, you will be using a case study that focuses on Pocahontas Memorial Hospital located in Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH) would like to offer a comprehensive satellite health clinic within Pocahontas County. You have been contracted to prepare a report for the PMH Board of Directors to guide them in determining the feasibility of opening a satellite clinic as part of a strategic initiative for their annual strategic management planning process.

Your report should be organized according to the following structure and contain the elements described:

Introduction: This is where you introduce your audience to what this report will cover.

  • Description of PMH and potential project
  • Discussion of whether the organization’s mission, vision, and goals support the project

Assessment: This is your evaluation of various factors that affect the feasibility and development of the project.

  • Internal and external stakeholders involved and their buy-in for this project
  • Internal and external environmental challenges (e.g., access for consumers, medical equipment, technology, community involvement required)
  • A market analysis
  • A SWOT analysis

Recommendations and Implementation: This is where you detail your recommendations and strategies for implementation. Your recommendations should be based directly on what you outlined in your assessment.

  • Strategies for attracting healthcare professionals and staff
  • Feasibility for development of a satellite clinic
  • Value-adding support and resources (e.g., equipment, technology, etc.)
  • Develop strategic initiatives
  • Short- and long-terms plans for implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Brief discussion of how you will evaluate and benchmark this project

Conclusion: This brief summary should pull together your assessment and recommendations and leave the audience with a clear sense of what can be done.


  • Be 14–15 double-spaced pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages or appendices. Including introduction and conclusion
  • Include the strategic thinking maps and content you created for the earlier module assignments. They may be added in addition to/or as a part of the 14-15 pages of content or moved to the Appendix section.
  • Be formatted according to APA Requirements. Support your positions, claims, and observations for your statements with full APA in-text citations from a minimum of ten (10) scholarly references.
  • Include full market analysis and SWOT analysis diagrams in the Appendix, but present your narrative discussion of each in the Assessment section of your report.
  • Please no plagiarism and sources should not be older than 5 years.