​Future Technology

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you will share at least two future technology trends based on digital systems and their impact to society.

And I want you to interact and write your comments for 3 peers.

1st peer:

One of the trends I am most excited about is self driving cars. According to the NHTSA, car accidents are the 11th leading cause of death and rank 6th on most years of life lost (more young people die). As self driving cars proliferate, their effectiveness goes up. Digital technology is the current limiting factor since this is a new field and it will take many hours of work to figure out the best methods to achieve safety and maximize efficiency. Self driving cars will reduce auto accidents, save fuel and add convenience to our lives.

Another trend i am excited about is the use of drones to deliver items to your doorstep. Amazon already has 2 hour delivery in some areas and I would be very excited to be able to order an item whenever i wanted. A completely automated warehouse would be able to fly something to you even in the dead of night which is great for a night owl like myself. By removing humans from the equation we could open the door to running projects on any schedule.

2nd peer:

Since the 1960s, scientists have explored the possibility of using DNA to store digital information, and the last decade of research in this field has shown promising results. In 2012, researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute proved that one gram of DNA is capable of storing at least 700 terabytes of data. Scientists have used DNA to store digital copies of films, gift cards, audio clips, operating systems, computer viruses, images, and text files. DNA is encoded in binary, where ‘T’ and ‘G’ bases represent a ‘1’, and ‘A’ and ‘C’ bases represent a ‘0’. Encoding and decoding information using DNA has several advantages over conventional methods; DNA is longer-lived than other data storage types, has a high information density, and can be stored in a container. I predict that once the costs of encoding and decoding using DNA drops, it will become the standard form of information storage.

According to the United Nations Business Hub, over 90% of worldwide trade is conducted by sea, as maritime transport is the most cost-effective method to move bulk materials. A prominent trend in the maritime industry is the displacement of crew members due to advancements in technology. For example, the RMS Titanic employed more than 300 workers in the engineering department alone, while the engineering department of a merchant vessel in the 21st century generally staffs less than ten. According to the Maritime Knowledge Center, there are more than one million people currently employed at sea, the majority of whom are low-wage workers from places like India and the Philippines, where the merchant navy might be their only source of employment. It is inevitable that technology like self-driving vehicles will lead to further automation of maritime vessels, and potentially leave hundreds of thousands of mariners out of work. Job automation is a serious concern for many people, and I predict that transportation services will be the industry most affected.

If you’re interested, here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.is a (very cinematic) video touring the engine room of a 400m cargo ship. The uploader is JeffHK, who has many high-quality videos talking about life as a merchant mariner.


Hi, my name is Cristhian Andrade. I am a transfer student from SPC and this is my first semester here at USF. Two future technology trends based on digital system that got my attention were Virtual Reality system and Robots. These two got my interest because both of them are trying to copy reality itself. This means that both, Virtual Reality system and Robots, are trying to imitate living things. These two have caused a big impact in our society.

Virtual Reality system have a big impact on society because of how it works. Virtual Reality system focus on imitating different part of the world or even creating new worlds. With this, people are able to trouble the world and see different places and experience some that is almost real. In addition, Robots also have a big impact on society because of the realistic features. The purpose of robots is to imitate a human being using technology, which is something that will definitely need a lot of work. With the advance on robots, people can stop worrying about things like cleaning or shopping. After all, robots can be programer to do those things.