2 paragraph paper APA format required

WA-Cause & Effects NYT

For this writing assignment-WA, Select a topic (see below) that represents a cause and effect and then use cause–effect reasoning to write a news story explaining what happened with your topic, such as when, how, and why. Create details as needed. Use some of the cause-effect transition words listed in the drafting section of writing guidelines.

In addition, use the writing process to develop a thesis statement and then write 2-complete paragraphs that is 4 to 5 sentences for each paragraph. Also, include the thesis statement, and place the thesis in its appropriate place within the paragraph.


Imagine you are free-lance journalist writing for the New York Times (NYT). Although experienced, this is your first opportunity at being a journalist for NYT. For this reason, NYT has given you a choice of topics, in which you are to develop a thesis and write no more than 2-paragraphs that is, four to six sentences per paragraph. Further, NYT’s editing chief has also limited the format to APA Style, but has asked that you do not double space for this one assignment. In addition, the Editor requires the work to be original. In other words, no direct quotes, short paraphrases only, accompanied with citations, and has limited the content to no more than 2-paragraphs.

To assist you with making a selection ask yourself the following questions (a) what caused, what was the cause, or purpose for… (b) what effects did this phenomenon have on the community, business, trade and tariff, civil rights, humanities: art and culture?

Topics… Select only one.

1. Ellis Island
2. The Hudson River
3. The New York Highline
4. The Harlem Renaissance
5. Burlington Northern Sante Fe (BNSF) Railroad


  • Format or edit the paper for APA.
  • Select only one topic for above and write about that topic only.
  • Research the topic [Plenty of reliable and valid information exists for each topic. Do not use information from blogs, other essay papers, or from internet sites that are or similar to eHow, Wikipedia, Ask.com. Papers having these type of citations and references will earn an immediate zero.]
  • Develop and edit the thesis as needed. *Place the thesis where it belongs.
  • Support the thesis by including it in the paragraph.
  • Omit questions, contractions, and pronouns from the work.
  • Ensure the thesis is properly located in the paragraph.
  • Refer to the writing process as needed by proofreading, editing, and more.