300 words discussion and 100 words reply. (WST 300) (Women, Gender and Contemporary Society)

This week’s materials considered how gender, race and class shape the depiction of women and men (femininity and masculinity) in popular culture media. Based on your readings, class lecture and the Blackboard video clips, this Discussion Board assignment asks you to do two things:

ONE. Describe how gender, race and class are depicted in the media. What are some of the common trends we have discussed? How do our larger societal understandings of gender, race and class get communicated through the media and how do these messages work to reinforce inequality (i.e. sexism/racism/classism/homophobia/etc.)?

TWO. Choose a piece of contemporary popular culture (movies, television shows, music videos, songs, video games, etc.) that you feel exemplifies some of the themes we have covered and analyze it for your classmates (WHY is the piece you chose a good illustration of the themes you just listed?). Be sure to give the names and sources (i.e. internet hyperlinks) of your media selections so that other students can access them.

3. EXTRA: if you have a favorite popular cultural product (film, TV show, music group, etc.) which you believe RESIST these trends, noting this can provide an interesting comparison (and a welcome sense of hopefulness that not all popular culture is attempting to maximize profits by exploiting simple stereotypes). There are many feminist, anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ rights, religious-tolerance, etc. artists out there—what are your favorites?

Please try to pick something different than those who have responded before you, and remember that you MUST cite materials from class. Also, don’t forget to respond to at least one other student!

the above is the request of the 300 words discussion. And the document is the discussion that have to reply over 100 words. Just reply one of them.

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