5 multiple choices

22.1To prevent armed intervention by the Europeans, in 1904 President Roosevelt proclaimed what became known as the__.

A.. Roosevelt CorollaryB.PlattAmendment C. Open Door policyD. Monroe Doctrine

2.President Woodrow Wilson believed the hallmarks of the old European wau were__

A. militarism and imperialism B.socialism and communism C. sciene and technologyD. democracy and freedom。

3. On November 3,1903, the province of Panama declared itself independent of __

A. Colombia B. Venezuela C.Costa Rica D.Nicaragua。

4. President Woodrow Wilson ofen couched his vision of a dynamic, expansive American capitalism in terms of a____。

A. scientific processB.campaign against communism C. matter of choiceD. moral crusade

5. Which statement accurately describes why the American business community in 1911 was nervous about the future of its investments in Mexico?

A. The United States had invaded Mexico, and American businessmen there feared reprisals.

B.American businesses were afraid that their foreign investment would be confiscated for use in World War I.

C.The corruption under Porfirio Díaz had triggered a wave of hyperinflation in the Mexican economy.

D. The nation’s new leader, Francisco Madera, hadpromised economic reform for landless peasants.