a systematic approach to program and policy development “identify the problem”

The point to this is to come up with a policy that will make a change and that we hope it works at the end and is accepted the policy must be CRIMINAL JUSTICE related for example domestic violence topic something about domestic violence you want to come up with a policy. anything that you think itll work . stage1: ANALYZING THE PROBELM “IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM”- document the need fro change, describe the history of the problem, examine potential causes, examine previous interventions, identify relevant stakeholders, conduct a systems analysis, identify barriers to change and supports for change how was the need for change documented ? describe the history of the problem. which potential causes were examined? were previous interventions examined? how? were relevant stakeholders identifies? if so, how? was a systems analysis conducted? if so how? how were barriers and supports for change identified and addressed?please make sure to introduce and analyze the problem in the introductions. answer every question clearly do not repeat yourself over and over please. this is a policy with 7 stages that will work togethe over the semester so please be mindful and dedicated.