a three paragraph essay for Anthropology class

Please look at the files that I uploaded for you and write 3 paragraphs essay ( 2 or 3 pages ) about it. This essay is for Anthropology class

. please read the article about the race and watch the video and write about it. Please mention important points of the article and write how scientists discovered that race is only a social construct and doesn’t have any biological meaning or why it is so. Also, please mention that it may not be a pleasant idea for people who have racist beliefs. . Please watch these 2 short videos and read the article.



the article is a general overview about race, what it really is.

And a link to youtube videos that discuss some issues related to multi-ethnicities in China.

Then view the second video on you tube made in Britain about DNA testing and ethnicity

Find material on your own, and think of our texts as well as the modules you have read After these steps are completed Prepare a three paragraph personal essay about your understanding and perspective of multiethnicity in the world today.