Adult Condition Report

Adult Condition Report on Median Nerve Injury

The purpose of this assignment is to gather and analyze current information on adult conditions. You will explain how the condition impacts occupational performance, describe the need for skilled OT services and/or refer to other specialists, and provide a mock intervention plan for a client. Your intervention plan will include goal writing, occupation-based intervention planning and a comprehensive discharge plan for the client and his or her family. The condition chosen must have prior approval from course instructor.


Select an adult condition (Median Nerve Injury), and list the following information. Make sure to provide headings for each section below. References MUST be from peer reviewed journals (2 required) not including the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework.

Part I:

Describe the diagnosis/condition (including pathophysiology), common tests/measurements for diagnosis, prevalence, etiology, characteristic (signs and symptoms), medical treatment, prognosis, and precautions. Limit to 1-2 pages

In this section, include a form of media (pictures or video) attached to your report for visual demonstration to enhance learning and understanding of condition. Provide an explanation and rationale for its use in your paper.

Part II:

Include a 1-2 page summary discussing the impact the condition has on a client’s occupational performance. Discuss 2 OT evaluation methods to be used with the client to prepare for intervention planning. Document the need and rationale for occupational therapy services and the context in which the service is to be delivered. Include referrals to other specialists you may find appropriate (i.e. PT, SLP, Psychologist, etc.).

Part III: Intervention Planning

  1. Focus on 3 occupational performance areas (make a priority list)
  2. Provide an intervention frame of reference (FOR)
  3. Provide 2 LTG and 2 STG
  4. Provide 3 occupation-based interventions for the client
  5. Identify context of service delivery and duration of OT services
  6. Discharge plan (Include: Who is the OT collaborating with for discharge planning; National and local resources for client and family; Discharge environment, including home modifications and/or home programming and/or continued need for OT services)

(Limit to 3-5 pages)