AH356 Week 4 Assignment

Week 4 Assignment

Point Presentation

team has successfully implemented the pharmacy information system from the
Module 1 assignment. You are now concerned that there has not been enough
planning put into the overall security of the system. You schedule time with
upper management to address your concerns. As you begin to discuss the need for
a business impact analysis and an incident response team, you realize that most
of the meeting’s attendees appear lost in the conversation. You quickly suggest
that you reconvene with them in the morning and at that time you will have a
PowerPoint presentation outlining your concerns. Create a PowerPoint
presentation using 7-9 slides in which you outline the basic components of a
contingency plan as it relates to information security. Be sure to address the
BIA and the other steps needed. You may choose to use the notes section of the
PowerPoint presentation to clarify any obscure points, however, the use of such
a note section is optional.