An Interview on Cultural Influences on Emotions, cognitive process, and Neurological differences

For this task, you will prepare a mock interview. Assume you were asked to interview a psychologist who is an expert on cultural differences. Your questions to the fictitious researcher should focus on the major differences in the expression of emotions, cognitive processes, and neurological differences.

Your interview should be conversational in nature by critically discussing the following questions:

  1. What are the major differences in the expression of emotions among the various cultures?
  2. What are the major cultural differences in cognition?
  3. What does the research suggest about the influence of culture on the brain? How do these differences influence cognition?
  4. What are some of the limitations of the research?
  5. What aspect of cultural differences are you currently investigating?

Support your interview with references from at least two peer-reviewed articles. You may elect to use information from this week’s assigned readings as well as other scholarly resources.

Length: 3-4 page transcript of your interview