Art Gallery: Background

You will be adding a written description of the background information on your artworks. Research the background and details of your artworks using the course content, and the CSU Online Library.

1: Describe the time period of the artwork.

2: Include information on the artist of the artworks.

3: Include facts that relate to your selected art pieces. For example, if your artwork depicts a war, it may be helpful to give information about that war.

Each of the 5 pictures need these three questions answered. Does not need to be long. Just a few sentences for each question asked.

Does not need to be in a PowerPoint, on a Word document is fine. APA Format and References Sited if needed.

Library listed below & Pictures

The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne – Annibale Carracci- 1597 –…

Jupiter and Juno – Annibale Carracci – 1597 –,_Rome.jpg

Primavera – Sandro Botticelli – 1482 –…

Calumny of Apelles – Sandro Botticelli – 1490s –…

The Death of Actaeon – Titian – 1559-1575 –