Basic Human Needs and Principles of Health, assignment help

DIRECTIONS: Identify the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy described by the following situations.

  1. _______The castaways decided to move their camp to a neighboring island where there were wild goats for fresh milk and cheese and an abundance of fruit and vegetables.
  2. _______ Carlota blushed happily when she opened the gift box of chocolates.
  3. _______The colonists cured hams and meats in smokehouses. Salt was also widely used to preserve meats and fish. Fruits and vegetables could be stored for long periods in root cellars and spring houses.
  4. _______Tamina thought it was very funny to give a dead, naked chicken a bath, but she did it thoroughly as she daydreamed about the potential for Salmonella Shampoo.
  5. _______Akisha planned to serve caviar and lobster on the night she invited her new boss to dinner.
  6. _______Cindy had the responsibility for packing the family lunches. It was a creative challenge to include the five food groups and yet provide some variety.
  7. _______They stood facing one another in a seemingly hostile pose. Their hands moved rapidly together toward the knife. In a flash the deed was done, and they pushed pieces of wedding cake into each other’s faces.
  8. _______Michael served his favorite bean soup and oat bran bread to prospective clients.
  9. _______ David noticed that the grocery shopping was taking much longer than expected, but he thought it was important to check for salt, sugar, and fat in the processed foods that he needed to buy.
  10. _______Andre’s neighbors welcomed him warmly to the neighborhood. His gourmet dinner featuring sushi made a good impression.