Biological bases of behavior Quiz 1

Please answer all questions with the best of knowledge.

Question 1 (5 points)

How can a seemingly valuable behavior evolve in one species but not in another? For example, primates can vomit but rodents cannot. Mention genes and natural selection in your answer.

Question 2 (5 points)

Many people believe that we use only ten percent of our brains. Use evidence about the brain to evaluate such a claim.

Question 3 (5 points)

How are neurotransmitters, membrane receptors and ion channels related?

Question 4 (5 points)

What are three differences between rod and cone photoreceptors?

Question 5 (5 points)

How would you describe the difference between what the retina does and what the striate cortex does?

Question 6 (5 points)

Explain how hair cells transduce sound into elecrical potentials.