Bullying and Suicide Questions

Please, answer the following questions and list references

  1. Describe a successful anti-bullying program developed at a school outside the United States.What lessons can be applied to programs in the U.S.?
  1. Briefly explain four factors that may lead to children contemplating, attempting, and possibly succeeding in committing suicide.
  1. How can programs be tailored for specific communities?As a public health professional, create two different examples of communities that need your help and what you would do to help with an anti-bullying program.
  1. What are the recommended steps to take when trying to prevent an individual committing suicide?
  1. Where would you place Safe Space Kits?
  1. From the slides, readings, and your own research, what methods would you utilize at school to prevent bullying?
  1. Similar to the previous question, what methods would you utilize at a workplace that may be prone to employee suicide?
  1. As a public health professional, what would you do if you encounter a person or persons you are studying or working with exhibiting warning signs of an impending suicide?
  1. How must public health professionals make sure that the mental health needs of victims, their friends and families, perpetrators of bullying, and others are addressed?
  1. What is the National Alliance on Mental Illness?What services do they provide?Describe the NAMI of Greater Toledo and provide its address location.