Canopy Solutions

The place I am working at is (Canopy Solutions) in the Health Information Management Department

The focus is on discussing the healthcare organization that is hosting you for the practicum, as well as some ethical and professional aspects in the workplace. Your discussions should address the following. (Label Each Part when you answer)

  1. Discuss some ethical aspects in the workplace, including the following.
    1. Compliance with the AHIMA Code of Ethics and organizational policies
    2. Professional dress code allowed at the practicum organization and in the workplace, in general
    3. Professional communication when e-mailing or verbally communicating with your practicum supervisor, employees at the practicum organization, and your professor
  2. Discuss the organization that is hosting you for the practicum. Please share the type of the organization (acute care, physician office, long-term, etc.), its location, type of ownership (community, teaching, private, etc.), services they provide, and the department you will be doing your practicum with. In addition
    1. for those of you who have started, share whether an orientation session was offered and your experience with it; and
    2. for those who have not started the practicum, yet, please share whether you have made the arrangements on a starting date, whether you know who you will meet on your first day, location of the facility and any transportation arrangements necessary.
  3. Identify one area of strength and one area of weakness when it comes to the RHIT domains. Be specific within the domain, and describe which part you excel at or which part you need to work on. Also, share your plan on improving the identified weakness (which books or materials you will need to review, how, and when you will review them)