Career Stages Unit 4

Topic 1: Career Stages

Using Donner and Wheeler’s (2004) Outcomes of a Career Planning.pdf   or   McNeese-Smith’s (2000)  Ovid_ Job Stages of Entry, Mastery, and Disengagement Among Nurses.pdf    career stage descriptions, explain the following:

  • At which stage is your career?
  • In what ways might knowing the stage of your career influence your personal career development plan?
  • How could the career planning process help you to be successful in an advanced nurse role?
  • Are there disadvantages to having a detailed career development plan?
  • What are some advantages to planning your career as opposed to not having a specific plan for achieving your goals?

At least 250 words, with in-text citations and references at the bottom.

Thank you!


McNeese-Smith, D. (2000). Job stages of entry, mastery, and disengagement among nurses. Journal of Nursing Administration, 30(3), 140–147.

Hall, L. M., Waddell, J., Donner, G., & Wheeler, M. (2004). Outcomes of a career planning and development program for RNs. Nursing Economics, 22(5), 231–238.