catholic university church building

write an essay about the catholic university church building

describing in detail (

and in your own words!

) the

various architectural

elements and the way in which they are arranged. Please include whatever basic facts

about the building are known, such as its architect and date of construction, and consider

the following questions:

Does the architect seem to be strongly inspired by the work of a particular architect,

such as Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, or Palladio? Does the building closely resemble a

specific structure from the Renaissance or Baroque periods?

What function does the building serve, and why do you think this architectural style

was considered appropriate for its design?

The Part II essay should be

2 pages

(double-spaced with 12 pt. fonts and 1-inch

margins). It should primarily reflect your own observations, based on knowledge you have

acquired in class and from the textbook, and incorporating some basic research on the

building. Whatever resources you use, including your textbook or online sources, must be

properly cited according to the

Style Sheet

posted on Canvas.

Your writing will be evaluated according to appropriate

standards of grammar, spelling

and organization

. If you feel that these are not your strong points, I recommend seeing a

writing consultant at Marymount’s Center for Teaching and Learning (located in Rowley

G105); for more information, please see