COMM114 UCSD Media Artifacts With Junk Food Presentation Help

Please do 8 pages of ppt and in this ppt you must include a) An Executive Summary or Abstract: a succinct description of what you did, what domain(s) you covered, & what course concepts were put to work in your process (this can be a list of relevant concepts) b) Evidence: artifacts of your attempts and experiences and course material that supports or challenges your argument (note: seek disconfirming evidence as well – don’t just gloss over the stuff that doesn’t fit your story! Make sense of the evidence that fits and the evidence that doesn’t) c) Thematic Showcase: how did you make sense of your experiences and adjust? What was initially invisible that became visible? How did that occur? d) Revision Plan: Given more time, what would you do next? Link these plans to your varied forms of evidence. (e) How do these inform or have bearing on your practice and your understanding of democratic life? • If you’re trying to love yourself, create community or mobilize supporters, etc., what led you to that need? Where do you find it easy or difficult to practice? What kinds of tools & technologies support or limit your practice? How do encounters with systems and institutions affect your goal or come to life through this lens? When and how are varied forms of communication called for as you try to bring your ideas to life? What roles do negotiation and regulation play in your practice, and what are your strategies for navigating these processes? If you’re trying to create community, what stands in the way of that? If you’re trying to mobilize supporters, what barriers and opportunities are before you?

The files I put is a 8 pages essay, please do the powerpoint with this topic. And you do not need to use sources on this ppt.