Common Theme Reading

i have homework and i need someone to help me to do it. you need to read the article and write only 240-250 words.

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Also, you should know that i am international student, so please please please use easy words and do not use hard words. make it easy to understand.

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this is another sample work for one of my classmates:

After reading Murry’s view on the difference between “process” and “product”, I found myself very much agreeing with everything that he had stated. Speaking as a student myself, throughout my years in school, spanning all the way from kindergarten until college, my teachers have always talked at me about my writing rather than teaching me how do do better. As stated by Murry, “year after year, students suffer a barrage of criticism”, these criticisms really don’t help me personally make the product of my writing better, if anything it actually causes the process to be more tedious and in a sense, painful, due to the fact that I can no longer enjoy what I am writing about. As Murry continued in his writing, I found myself really liking the “implications” that he had stated. Speaking for myself, if those implications had been used for me growing up, I would have very much enjoyed the process of writing my papers to turn out a nice, finished product of my writing. I can actually relate the Murry’s points on “process vs product” to the project that we are doing at the moment. In allowing us to chose our own subjects for the Common Grounds essay, we were allowed to truly get invested in the process of our writing, such as the planning and the research. This freedom of choice can allow for a nice, clean, and interesting paper.