Complete American West History Assignment CH 2 NO PLAGIARISM

Step 1: Select 9 – 11 items, items being significant people, movements and/or events,from the pictured readings from chapter 2… (PAGE 39-70)

Step 2: Type
your 9-11 items on a word documenr addressing the following for each item:

  • Category
  • Date/s
  • Name of Item
  • Thorough Description
  • Significance of the Item – Why does it matter?
  • Image – Optional – This would add to the aesthetics score in the rubric.
  • Cite any outside information used. A simple link to your source will suffice. This can go either in the Justifications document (see Step 3 below) or in the Timeline Entry itself.

Step 3: Answer the following question for each items listed, using complete sentences :

  • For each item, why did you choose this item over others? What makes this item worthy of placement on your history Timeline?

Simple, short sentences are fine. This needs to be saved as .doc, .docx, or a .pdf file.