Complete Human Behavior Social Work Interview Notes NO PLAGIARISM

You will just make up the content for this interview assignment. It has to be along the lines of Human Behavior and Social Work for the state of Georgia. Please use the attached interview outline to complete the assignment below. This assignment is just purely notes.

Life Span Interview—Part 1: Colleague Interview

Gathering facts about a client’s life span through the interview process is an important social work skill. This week, you practice this skill by interviewing a colleague using the questions in the Life Span Interview document available in this week’s resources. Your colleague will also interview you using the same questions.

For this week’s Assignment, you submit the notes you recorded during the interview. Next week, you transform your interview notes into a narrative—that is, a life story­—of the colleague you interview. You interweave within this narrative an analysis of the life story by applying person and the environment concepts to your understanding and interpretation of that story