Contemporary engineering challenges in sustainable development, engineering homework help

Please give me 550 length words text plus 3 graphics that can well explain the content you write(like writing posters). The 30% – 50% of the txet should be in bulleted or numbered list format. Please follow the following content outline.

Content Outline 

1. Introduction – Introduce one aspect of a sustainable engineering problem/challenge you are exploring; state the purpose and provide some context (e.g., why your audience should care about this issue); and include an overview of the contents/organization of the document. 

2. Background – Provide relevant background information drawn from your research that is needed to facilitate the audience’s understanding of the points you will make in the upcoming sections. 

3. Solution(s) – Provide a detailed account of the problem/challenge, including one or two current or proposed solution(s). Support your points with source material. Define technical terms that the audience will need to know to follow the discussion. 4. Future Implications – Describe the implications of the current or proposed solution(s) for future engineering work in the field. For example, can the solution be applied to other engineering problems or concerns? 

5. Conclusion – Briefly revisit the purpose of the memo, including the engineering problem/challenge you have discussed. Recap the main ideas you raised in the body and provide closure. 

6. References – Provide in-text citations and a list of references—both formatted properly in APA citation style. You must include at least three credible sources—one published after 2014.