cyber-physical review report, physics homework help

I need a review report ( one page long) on the following paper with the specified format below:

1) Read the paper: 

Yao Liu, Peng Ning, and Michael K. Reiter. 2011. False data injection attacks against state estimation in electric power grids. ACM Trans. Inf. Syst. Secur. 14, 1, Article 13 (June 2011), 33 pages. DOI=

2) Review the paper above by writing a one-page summary. Your summary should have the following structure:

Part 1

Summarize the problem analyzed by the authors

Summarize the previous works’ contributions and this paper’s contributions

Explain how the authors verify their contributions

Part 2

Explain in details the author’s main contributions. If necessary, explain the scenario and problem being analyzed in details.

Part 3

Explain in details how the authors verified their contributions. This is usually through simulations and/or mathematical proofs. 

Part 4

Based on your analysis, explain the shortcomings of the paper. To write this part, you can ask yourself the following questions: Are there any errors in the mathematical analysis? Are the assumptions reasonable? Is the proposed solution practical? Are the simulation results reasbonable? Is the problem worth studying, i.e., relevant and real? Is the paper well organized? Does it have any grammatical errors? Is it concise? 

Part 5

Summarize your paper review. 

Please let me know if you can do it, the due date is Jan 25th 201


Please take a look at the attached file from which you are going to write the report.

Please note that no plagiarism is allowed. 

If you did a perfect job on this one I’m going to deal with you for the following 2 months on similar tasks.

Thank you