Defining a gap in quality

Defining a Gap in Quality: select and compare three healthcare providers. Identify and analyze an opportunity for quality improvement at one of the organizations by doing the following:

Find a problem:

    • Select an organization and review its overall/composite rating information.
    • Drill down into the categories of the composite rating for the organization, to determine the category(ies) needing the most improvement. Create a chart or graph to show your comparison.
    • Drill down into the lowest category(ies) and determine drivers underlying the category(ies)’s low score. Show graphically.
    • Compare the data related to the drivers identified, with data from two other organizations, as well as state and national data if available, to determine and quantify quality gap(s). Show graphically.
    • Pick one driver and research the issue using current literature

Write a 3-4 page* paper researching your problem:

    • Briefly explore background and significance: any relevant historical background, trends or the evolution of improvement interventions over time.
    • Identify root causes and primary factors affecting the issue.
    • Identify/benchmark evidence-based best-practices or interventions and results achieved.
    • Identify any regulatory and/or statutory performance standards or guidelines.
    • Include at least 3 citations in your research.
    • Graphs and tables can be included in an Appendix, but should not be part of the paper.