Demand And Supply Discussion

Econ live:

By the end of the quarter, you and other members in your class will create a post to a blog on tumblr, unique to your particular discussion section, that connects the economic concepts we are learning that week (for example, supply and demand) with something you encounter outside of class (for example, going to the grocery store). It is up to you, and whoever you choose to collaborate with, on how you want to demonstrate the economic concept(s). It just needs to demonstrate how the concept applies in your actual life or where you live, work, play. You can write up a blog post that tells a story, you could post a picture or video, or something else creative. The best part of tumblr is that it has an excellent interface/app for creating mobile posts. You are young, smart, creative. Economics is an all aspects of our lives. The purpose of this project is to connect your daily economic experiences, with the economic concepts that you are learning in this class, in a fun, creative way. The only requirement is that your post needs to demonstrate the economic concept in the real world, i.e. outside of where you live. Your post must be original and not borrowed or altered from somebody else or found on the internet.

There are several especially good posts on this page from Fall 2017 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..