Discussion Post and 2 (One Paragraph) peer response

In approximately 250 words, please respond to the following questions:

  1. Do you recycle as much as you can?
  2. Do you believe in recycling or think it is a waste of time, energy, and monetary resources?
  3. Describe some practices/techniques that could be taught to children early on that could help conserve natural resources before recycling resources would need to be spent.

Peer Response 1


Yes, I recycling as much as I can. I even recycle the saran rap because I take it as plastic. From the cereal boxes to little notes, I recycle all the papers that I used in my school and family. I believed in recycling can help our environment and earth. I learned recycling when I was elementary school student. I do the recycling very detail. From board paper to paper rolls, I put the in different categories. My thought was changed after I moved Maryland. the recycling bins are not as detail as I thought. There are only two trash can: one is trash, the other is recycling bin. That means I put plastic, glass, papers, aluminum can and milk boxes together. I am wondering who can do the subrecycling for us? Are we really doing recycling? Since that is the regulation in my city of Rockville, I did not ask why and just followed it.

I think I can teach children early to tell what can be reused, what can not be used. For example, I can show the children that rebuilt papers and rebuilt tissues. Ask them think about where they come from? Make children realize that papers can be reused again. On the other hands, glasses are hard to be broken. So the glasses are different from papers. So they have to put them in the different bins.

Also I will ask them not to waste their papers. Use their blink of papers as much as they can. Then they will not to recycle that much! That can save labors

Peer Response 2


I think I recycle as much as I can. My whole family does. Whatever can be recycled, we usually put in our big recycling can for the truck to pick up on Fridays. I think recycling is a good practice and not a waste of time, energy, and monetary resources. It doesn’t take much extra time to put items in the recycling bin. I used to rinse off some containers for recycling, which did take some extra time and energy. However, after attending a recycling workshop a few years ago, I learned that that was not necessary.

Children can be taught some recycling practices/techniques from an early age. Here are just a few examples from my own classroom. I have a recycling bin in my pre-k classroom. I teach my students what can be thrown in there and try to remind daily to throw items in it that can be recycled. In addition, I read some books to them when appropriate that teach the value of recycling. On Earth Day, we have special outdoor activities, some of which are on the topic of recycling. One of the games we play with our students is walking around on the field collecting trash that teachers put there on purpose and putting that trash in either the trash can or recycling bin. At the end of that game, we gather the children and check what they put in the trach can and recycling. We have a useful discussion and move some things to the appropriate container if it has not been placed in the right one.