Discussion posts for Nutrition Class, English homework help

1.Respond to the following in complete sentences in at least 200 words and cite any outside sources used.

Think back to the last time you were sick. Identify any healing strategies you used (i.e. taking a bath, chicken soup) that made you feel better immediately. What led you to try those particular strategies? Why do you think they helped, if it did help? 4. Are there techniques that other people use when they are sick that you don’t feel are wise or useful? Discuss these. How does your family background or your culture or ethnic background impact how you manage sickness now that you are an adult?

2.Please respond to this in at least 150 words and cite any outside sources used.

During periods of sickness there are several home remedies I use in order to feel better or alleviate pain. Warm homemade chicken soup sans noodles always helps clear my sinuses when I have a cold, vitamin C helps build up my immune system, honey lemon tea soothes a sore throat, and I always try to drink a lot of fluids (Barton 2017). A bubble bath is also something I would recommend to relax tense muscles and by adding epsom salt it will help release toxins from the body. Although the most important key to remember is to get plenty of rest because that is when your body heals and repairs itself. All of these remedies were passed down to me by my parents since I had to rely on their advice as a young child, but I also continue to use these methods because I feel like they nurse me back to health. Beta carotene, vitamin C and E act as antioxidants and fight off damaging free radicals in the body that tear down the immune system (Ratini 2017). Other remedies like tequila have been recommended to me by a friend, but I am still not fully convinced that drinking alcohol would cure my sickness. I also believe that alcohol would probably make me feel worse. These home remedies do not actually cure sickness, but they each help to make the process of being sick a little more manageable. My family culture believes that sickness can be treated at home and there is rarely a need to visit the doctor unless it is an emergency. I have definitely kept that tradition and hardly ever visit the doctor especially since I do not like taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

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3.Please respond to this in at least 150 words and cite any outside sources used.

The last time that I was sick was in April when I had strep throat. Anyone reading this post who has not had strep throat thank your lucky stars and anyone who has, I feel you! I found out I was allergic to Aspirin a few years ago and you would be surprised how many medications contain aspirin. Because of this, when I am sick I stay away from over the counter medicine and stick to a more natural approach. Of course, when I had strep there was certain medicine I had to take, as strep is highly contagious. However, other than that I drank hot water with honey and lemon, because it helped with my throat pain and I felt better pretty instantly. I hate to admit it, but I am a huge baby when I am sick, so I love taking baths and laying on my couch binge watching Netflix any time I am sick. That is exactly what I did when I had strep. My mom has always said the best remedy for being sick is getting lots and lots of rest, as well as suggesting the hot water with honey and lemon, so she led me to these strategies. The hot water with honey and lemon worked in my opinion because it was a nice relief from the burning sensation in your throat when you have strep and it gives your body nutrients and energy that you lack while you are sick. Other techniques that people use when they are sick that I don’t feel are as useful is the use of Vix Vapor Rub. My grandparents are Mexican and will literally use Vix Vapor Rub for just about anything. Of course I have tried it before but I do not feel it works as well as some may believe, or at least in my opinion! As mentioned above, even though I am Mexican and my culture loves to use Vix Vapor Rub, it hasn’t had an impact on how I manage my sickness as an adult. I tend to use strategies that my mother used on us when we were children and that has carried with me in adulthood such as: getting lots of rest, taking warm baths, and drinking lots of fluids.