discussion response

You are hired to teach a struggling student more effective study skills. Drawing from research findings from the assigned text respond to the following students’ responses in a minimum of 75 words.

You must include in text citation of

(Ormod, 2016)

Reference page of

Ormrod, J. E. (2016). Human learning (7th ed). Boston, MA: Pearson Higher Ed.

Feel free to use any of the following bullet points or simply respond to the Response 1 and Response 2. Each response must be labeled

5 teaching strategies:

  • Development of Concept Maps
  • Outlines: Compare and Contrast Matrix
  • Identification of Main Ideas
  • Comprehension Monitoring
  • Mnemonics

Response 1 – Sanchez

Note Taking:

The ability to transfer information from the brain to paper is essential for the success of many students. Ormrod (2016) stated that documenting information whether it be typed or written, individuals are able to encode it verbally and visually. A struggling student needs to be able to visualize what they are learning because a majority of individuals are visual and kinesthetic learners. In a sense, the act of note taking serves as an external hard drive for information. (Ormrod, 2016)

Response 2 – Evans


“Memory Tricks”

Mnemonics is one of my favorite learning strategies as it effectively puts creativity and knowledge to the test. A highly recommended method is the Pegword mnemonics which aids the visual learner in recall. For the struggling student, I would suggest the student choose a visual term that reminds him or her of Washington. For example, shingles, wash, or ton, remind me of Washington, and it directs my line of thought as his army didn’t have fresh equipment nor a ton of soldiers.