Discussion: What Made You Curious?

When responding to your peers’ posts, consider the following: Is their reasoning clear? Does it make sense to you? Where might there similarly be room for interpretation in your own post, and how might you clarify? Your review of your peers’ posts will help inform your approach to your Project 2: Question Development Worksheet submission.

Peer’s Post:

The topic discussed in my chosen news story is how after the tsunami in Japan in 2011, hundreds of aquatic species had attached themselves to debris and traveled across the ocean and were discovered in Hawaii and the US west coast. The debris they attached themselves to was hard plastic and fiberglass specifically, that could survive years at sea and not decompose. This was a main the reason these organisms survived and were able to complete the journey across the ocean. I selected this news story for scientific and personal study because I found it fascinating that scientists never believed that these coastal organisms could survive a transoceanic journey, but they did. The debris that they attached themselves to had a lot to do with their survival across the ocean. Because of the increasing amount of pollution and ocean debris these species now have more modes of transportation that would not decompose in such a journey then they’ve had in the past.

In this post, demonstrate more depth and thought than simply stating that “I agree” or “You are wrong.” Guidance is provided for you in each discussion prompt