Ebola outbreak and ICT


The recent, and presumed now over, Ebola outbreak in western Africa has led to calls for action to be better prepared for future outbreaks. It is clear that ICT needs to play a major role in dealing with any future outbreak, from tracking cases and patients to coordination of aid. If you were appointed the Chief Technology Officer to guide nations who have now survived their ebola outbreak, how would you use ICT to help populations to be better prepared for a future outbreak? For example, how might you help them be better informed about the illness(es)? what to do/not to do? handle distribution of medical services and supplies in the event of a future outbreak? Your paper should describe what problem(s) you are tackling with ICT, what elements of ICT you need to combine in your solution, and how your solution is expected to improve the readiness of populations and health organizations to deal with both the current recovery and future outbreaks. in western Africa.