EC100EEC1700 Rasmussen Mod 2 Appropriate & Inappropriate Practices Paper

In this module, you are learning quite a bit about developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood settings. For this assignment, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate you knowledge of how to contrast implementation of activities in a developmentally appropriate manner for those same activities implemented in a developmentally inappropriate manner.

To prepare for this assignment, review the following:

. Review the NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8 position statement from your reading.

.View several examples of the completed assignment by clicking the link below.

Module 02 Written Assignment Examples

To complete the assignment, do the following:are

1. Select three activities or lessons to focus on in this assignment.

ii. if you are NOT currently working with children, read the examples provided to guide you in selecting three specific activities or lessons that commonly occur with a particular group or in an individual child in an early childhood setting. Select three different activities with three different age groups to complete this assignment.

2. Download a Blank template for you to start from by clicking the link below:

Module02 WrittenAssignment Template