ECC 304Spring 2019Civil/ Site Drawings

ECC 304Spring 2019Civil/ Site Drawings

Select a set of construction plans and provide a typed report, minimum of two double spaced pages, a review of the civil/site plans. Include in your review:

1.A general description of the project including title, location, owner, designer/professionals, dates etc.

2.Generally describe the site, conditions, proposed improvements by location, size, terrain existing conditions etc.

3.Identify plan sheets related to the site plan and purpose.

4.Identify and explain all of the following that pertain:


b.Notes pertaining to site construction

c.Demolition information

d.Site clearing

e.Excavation cut/fill volume


g.Erosion control


i.Utility tie-ins

j.Storm water drainage

k.Soil preparation


Provide your opinion of the general quality of

the plans based on ease of use, organization, clarity of project notes and

explanations, level of necessary detail and information, accuracy of dimensions

and print quality