eddl 614 Concord Attracting and Retaining Community Partners Paper

Attracting and Retaining Community Partners

Due Thursday

Working with your classmate(s), use Sanders’ (2006, pp. 88-89) reference to attracting community partners to respond to the following big question:

What Attracts Community Partners to a School?

You and your classmate(s) will collaboratively:

  • Discuss each of the four factors listed by Sanders (2006) on pages 88-89 as significant to attracting prospective community partners (note that factor number 2 could be substituted with, Leader support); and
  • List a minimum of two strategies or considerations for each factor that each member in the team believes their school district can initiate to attract potential community partners.

Note that only one candidate within the same team posts the team’s final answer in the discussion board for peer review. Insert all the team members’ names in the subject line of your team’s initial post.