English 2311 Discussion Boards 2,3,4,5, and 6

** Each Discussion Board needs to be at least 200 words to receive credit. Please remember to use correct grammar and spelling!

2) You work for a large international company, and a co-worker tells you that he/she has no plans to return to his/her job after they take their annual two-week vacation.
You know that your company cannot meet its deadlines shorthanded and that your company will need at least two or three weeks to recruit and hire a qualified replacement. You also know that it is your company’s policy not to give paid vacations to employees who do not agree to work for at least three months following their return.
What should you do?
What points would you raise to your co-worker?
What will you say to your employer (in case you take that route)?

3) Have you ever used Google docs?
Discuss on this board the places you may have used (or can use) Google docs. What advantages do you observe that this technology may have for you in your field of study? What can be some of the drawbacks?

4) Have you ever written in a blog or participated in a blog? What are some of the ways to target and audience and to keep the blog engaging and interesting?

If you do write a blog or read one frequently please post the link in your discussion board post.

5) International business means connecting with a cultural and ethnically diverse audience and clientele.

How can we ensure that we respect our readers’ diversity. Give at least 3 examples.

Use research if needed.

6) Social and Professional networking sites are becoming more and more instrumental in the hiring (and not hiring) of employees.
Give examples of how these sites can be helpful to the employee and how they can hurt the chances of an applicant as well.