English Discussion

I need some one to answer this discussion:

Your initial post should respond to all three questions below and should be around 300 words. In your response, be sure to include reference to specific moments, language, and details from the essay.

1. What do you notice about the student’s selection, incorporation, and/or explanation of textual evidence that relates to his key words and thesis?

2. What writing moves that the student writer makes do you admire? In other words, what do you notice about how he writes that you would like to try out in your own essay?

3. What is one insight that you arrived at when you mapped out the student essay that you would like to point out?

In addition, you will need to respond meaningfully to TWO of my classmates’ posts, and those responses should be at least 100 words. I can reach to them after I post the 3 question’s answers.