English Discussion Board

Identify three points for each of the following that demonstrate what you’ve learned from them, appreciated, or have questions about

1. They Say/I Say Chapter Two

2. They Say/I Say Chapter Three

Refer to the Transitional Words and Phrases handout and in one sentence –

3. Indicate the function transitions serve in essays (2 pts).

Identify TWO transitional words or phrases from the handout and for each –

4a. Define the transitional word or phrase (.5 pt)

4b. Indicate if –

– It’s a transition you frequently find helpful and why -OR-

– If it’s a transition you have used incorrectly and what you’ve learned about it -OR-

– Any insightful comment you’d care to make about each transition.

I have attached the file below for you to answer 3-5. For 1-2 you need the book, I have the book on my amazon so I will let you access my account.