ERP systems to process transactions and provide information

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To understand the role IS(Information Systems) plays in business transformation, one must take a business process, rather than a functional, perspective. A business process is a well-defined, sequential set of tasks that has a beginning and an end, a set of associated metrics, and cross-functional boundaries. Most businesses operate according to business processes, even if their organization charts are structured by functions rather than by processes. The text compares functional (or silo) perspective with the process perspective.

Discuss how organizations use enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to process transactions and provide information. Provide References. Discuss examples


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A) Create a new thread. As indicated above, discuss how you would combine the two concepts to create visualizations for an ABM-Based Gaming simulation for policy making. First, describe what specific policy you’re trying to create. Let’s stick with the SmartCity scenario. Describe a specific policy (that you haven’t used before), and how you plan to use ABM-Based Gaming to build a model for simulate the effects of the policy. Then, describe what type of visualization technique you’ll use to make the model more accessible. Use figure 15.9 and describe what data a new column for your policy would contain.

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