Exam 2- Methods and Materials

CD 452 – Methods and Materials

Exam 2

The second part of this semester we reviewed teaching principles and practices, creating a community of learners, and assessment in early care and education.

Based on the information we have discussed in class, your readings, lectures, supplemental videos, and what you have learned in other coursework respond to the following questions:

  1. Describe some of the most important practices to incorporate in a classroom setting regarding teaching of young children.
    1. Each age-range (infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners) has unique needs. How do you tailor your teaching to meet the needs of each age-ranges of children?
  1. How do you influence children’s learning? Describe your teaching philosophy for optimal child development and learning in early care and education.

The mid-term exam is worth 50 points total:

  • Question 1 is worth 20 points.
    • Full points are earned by providing a thorough response that includes references to and professional language of information covered this semester.
  • Question 2 is worth 20 points.
    • Full points are earned by providing a thorough, cohesive response with information from this semester.
  • APA citation for references are worth 5 points.
    • Full points are earned by using proper APA formatting for in-text citations.
    • If you are not referencing anything from the text or other sources, you DO NOT have to use references. You will get full credit, pending there are no plagiarism issues.
    • If you are citing the textbook(s), please use proper APA in-text citations; however, you do not have to provide a full reference at the end.
    • If you are using a source other than our textbook(s); provide a full APA reference at the end of your paper.
  • Mechanics (spelling, grammar, formatting) for the entire paper are worth 5 points.
    • Full points are earned by having fewer than 2 grammatical/spelling errors, and having consistent formatting (all single-spaced paragraphs with a space between or double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-pt font).