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The End of Poverty (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(104 min)

WARNING: No plagiarism Use your own words and write you own ideas.

FILM REVIEW PROMPT: In a world of so much wealth why is there so much poverty?

The filmmaker answers the question through an historical narrative.

Use the following paragraph outline to write a two pages ESSAY:

The essay should be Five paragraphs and follow this order.

Use the film to answer the question.

  1. Give the film’s historical answer to the question and be sure your explanation includes all of the following: conquest, colonization, independence, industrialization, international debt, trade relations between North and South, and privatization.
  2. List the some policy changes proposed in the film to end poverty and give a reason for or against the adoption of at least three of them.
  3. Reflect on VALUES: According to this film, what values have created the problem of poverty and what values must be promoted to solve the problem? Do you agree or disagree with the film’s analysis?
  4. Poverty and you: How did the film make you feel? Tell your story. What is your experience (causes and consequences) of poverty and/or wealth? What is your level of concern about the problem? What would you be willing or not willing to do to solve it? How might your choices on “Black Friday” have contributed to the problem?
  5. What evidence/rationale can you draw from the film to (a) support and (b) challenge the proposal that “global citizenship” is the best way forward in the 21st century? (Do not skip this question, since it’s the most important part of this reflection.)!!!

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The End of Poverty?