final examination 2

Interaction Journal 100 pts.

This interactional journal will serve to enhance students’ knowledge of individuals with special needs and encourage an understanding of diversity and difference. To satisfy the requirements of this journal,

students will be encouraged to find a person (preferably one with a disability, but may choose others who are different based lifestyle, race, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, and/or etc.) than they are and write about the experience. Students are expected to interact with the chosen individual for an eight week period. During the interaction, students are to discuss their differences, similarities, issues related to perceived differences, the person’s experience in the context of mainstream society, how they dealt with others expectations/lack of expectations associated with their differences, and other information that will result in a complete understanding of the person chosen for the interaction. Students are not limited in their choice of experiences, but are cautioned to decide what boundaries they will not cross during the interaction. It is also recommended that before venturing into unknown territory, students should develop a secure knowledge of the individual chosen for the project.It is further advisable that if students are uncertain of their feelings about a proposed individual, all meetings should take place in view of the general public for safety and security reasons. Finally, when students write their journals for submission, the following format should be used:

Section I – Personal Description of the Person (25 pts.)

Section II – Notes of Weekly Interactions (25 pts.)

Section III – Overall Impression of the eight week experience (25pts.)

Section IV – What did you learned from the eight week experience (25 pts.?)

about yourself and the possible biases you possess regarding those who are different?

Structuring the journal in this format will result in four sections. Any student not following this format will have the appropriate points deducted. Journals are to be typed and doubled-spaced. The journal will serve as one element of the final examination